PostHeaderIcon System Mantra 153 cm Snowboard, Boots, Bindings Package

The most comfortable boot I have ever put on”. “So light, so warm and so dry”. “The best all mountain boots I have ever ridden in”. The user comments on this boot have been nothing short of glowing. Siren has listened to female riders world wide and has come up with the highest performance, lowest weight, driest boot in this category. The removable, heat moldable liner is just the icing on the cake Toe Cap perfection. This binding can be ridden with the toe strap either over the toe pulling back or over the top of the foot pulling down. Aluminum ratchets, polycarbonate baseplate and highback, anatomically correct footbed, comfy ramps, full adjustability. Siren is uniquely focused on perfecting snowboard products for women (that is all they do). Womens boots do not fit well in men’s bindings, or bindings that have been modified from a men’s mold. Yet this is what most companies sell as their women’s models. Siren has taken a fresh approach, and designed this model for female riders from the very start. The results are outstanding. Fits women’s boot sizes 7-11. Disks and hardware are included

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