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Ladies, never let your hands get cold again!!
The folks at Reusch Solaris know how hard it is to keep your hand warm in the cold weather, so they have come up with the perfect solution. HEATED SKI/SNOWBOARD MITTENS. Do you have poor circulation? Or cronic cold hands and fingers? There are a lot of folks just like you that have the same problem. It makes it hard to enjoy the time you have if your numb from the cold. Perhaps you suffer from Raynaud’s Syndrome, these heated mittens are what you’ve been looking for. With heating elements that wrap around each finger and thumb, it puts the heat right where you want it. The 3 mode adjustable switch allows you to dial in the amount of heat you need.

The mittens have heat mode 1 or 2 to keep your hands warm, but also have a full blast of heat when you need it.

For general information on choosing your Heated Gloves please see our webpage

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