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PostHeaderIcon EXO2 HeatSole Heated Insoles

EXO2 HeatSole Heated Insoles single insole length. This insole can be cut to size.
They are leather covered for your comfort. They deliver 5-7 hours of heat per charge.
They come with two power packs and one charger per pair of insoles.

FabRoc heat panels self-regulate at approximately 45 degrees C to keep tootsies safe and warm.
Great for skiing, hiking, motorcycling, fishing, riding, hunting and for all old timers that have poor circulation.

These also have a velcro strap for clipping the power pack to your lower leg if not wearing boots under jeans, chaps, etc.

For general information about heated socks, the different styles, brands and availability, please see our web page. Heated Socks

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