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Redesigned for the 1990s, these wool blend heated socks provide even more heat than required by the commercial fishermen they were developed for. Both the wires and heating elements are now set into special channels within the material so they are invisible. Uses standard “D” cell batteries that are available everywhere to provide up to 6 hours of soothing heat.

Because of the type of heating element used, Lectra socks are safe to operate even when wet. Unlike some battery operated socks, Lectra socks can be used with rechargeable batteries, but the user should expect a slightly reduced heating time over alkaline batteries. This is function of the battery type and not the socks.

Lectra socks are not designed to get extremely hot, instead they provide gentle warmth to the toes to help keep feet feeling warm for hours.

For general information about heated socks, please see our web page. Heated Socks

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