Heated socks have been around for a long time, but few people realize that there are several varieties. Some heated socks use batteries that are stored in small pouches attached to the top of the socks. Others use small packets of food grade chemicals that warm up when activated, with the packets stored in pouches sewn into the sock’s toes. A third style is electrically heated but AC powered.Heat Factory Pocket socks

Also available are things like thermal reflective insoles that will reflect part of your own body heat back toward your feet to help keep them warm. Some battery powered insoles are available to, but our main focus on this page is socks.

The first decision to make is between these two main styles, electric or pocket socks. Pocket socks typically are designed to use small chemical heating packet. These are readily available in most convenience stores in the North Country and from numerous online retailers. The AC version of electric socks will keep feet very warm for a lot longer than either the battery or pocket socks, but the user must stay near an electric outlet to use them. If the intended use is for lounging, these AC powered socks might be perfect. AC powered heated socks

Battery operated socks can be found that are constructed out of traditional wool, a wool blend, or the newer Hollofil(tm) material that will wick moisture away from your feet to help keep them warmer and drier. Pocket socks are also available in a slipper socks configuration. Some heated socks are purposely made thinner so they can be worn inside athletic shoes or as sock liners to a heavier pair of socks. Other electric socks are standard weight or heavier depending on the usage they are intended for.

Unlike older generations of battery heated socks, many of the new models have the heating elements recessed into special pockets so that the user never sees the elements or even knows they are there. Some also have wires that run up the legs and plug into a belt mounted battery pack. This often allows an extended heating time over the type of socks that use one “D” battery set in a pocket at the top of each sock.Rechargeable electric sock

The things to look for in a pair of electric socks are similar to those desirable in heated gloves. Better models will have thermostats and will be rechargeable. Many good models may be available that take alkaline batteries but won’t accept any rechargeable batteries at all.

One word of caution about heated socks, if you have diabetes, phlebitis, thrombosis or any other disease or disorder that will affect your blood flow, you should consult with a physician before using heated socks of any kind.