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Built tough enough for outdoor use, this kitty camper can also be used indoors with the same, safe heating functionality.
the Heated Kitty Camper sets up in any unheated outdoor structure, wood shed, garage, porch, or barn, offering outdoor heated fun for your favorite feline.
A very big plus is that the heater is removable for quick machine washing for easy maintenance.
The Kitty Camper has 2 doors to escape from brother or sister kitty when playing kitty commando, or for a quick exit from an un -welcome visitor.
The 5-1/2 foot extension cord is steel wrapped for chew resistance from mice and other rodents. And also provides optimal safety for your pet.
Internal dual thermostats keep the temperature at a comfortable 102 degrees F when in use.
When kitty’s away, the surface of the bed stays between 10 and 15 degrees above room temperature so it’s always inviting and ready for kitty’s return.
This item is UL listed for safety.
The Kitty Camper measures 14 by 20 by 11 inches and carries a limited one-year warranty.

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