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If you have been looking for the new soft design Lectro-Kennel that everyone is talking about, then here it is. They kept all of the great features that the original Lectro-Kennel had, but this one is softer giving your pet more comfort, and is much more flexible for placing, or for transporting to another area.
Lectro-Kennel has been making pet beds for our garages, sheds, barns, and other outdoor shelters for over 30 years.
It is a soft, comfortable heated pet bed for outdoor use, but may also be used indoors.

This pet pad will maintain its temperature at 102 degrees whenever the pet is on the pad . It has a steel wrapped cord to ensure your pets safety, and to prevent mice and other rodents from chewing through the cord.
Includes fleece cover and 1-year limited warranty
The Lectro-Soft comes in three sizes: small, medium, large. Please note: this is a soft bed and is NOT recommended a dog that is a chewer or destructive in any way. In this instance it is recommended you purchase the original K&H Lectro-Kennel.

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