PostHeaderIcon +Venture 588 Heated Frontgate Two-Tone Soft Shell Jacket

Adventure Action Gear manufactures this lightweight heated jacket from a stretchable material that offers comfort, breathability and warmth. There is a light finish on the outside that is water repellent to help resist wind and rain. The XCT ALPHA 603 heating system is integral to the jacket and uses a rechargeable 7.4 volt, ultra-slim Lithium Polymer battery to provide up to 6 hours of heating. Best of all, the jacket comes with an AC charger and a 12 volt charger is also available as an option. With both the standard and optional chargers, a user can charge the jacket before leaving home and then recharge it in the car.

Two heat zones (front and back) allow the jacket to be adjusted to individual user preferences and the temperature control has four heat settings, preheat, low, medium and high. Built in surge protection and a low battery warning.

For generic information about the different options available in heated vests, please see our web page guide. Heated Vests

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