PostHeaderIcon Brookstone Women’s Softshell Heated Jackets

Brookstone makes these heated softshell jackets with rechargeable batteries. The ultra slim battery pack fits in a chest pocket and is designed to provide heat for up to 5 hours depending on the temperature selected on the miniature thermostat control. Heat levels can be adjusted up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior shell is woven to repel drizzle and light rain showers. There is also a wind blocking layer that helps keep heat from being blown away by a chill breeze. A laminate layer helps the other layers to breathe so the user doesn’t overheat while moving around or exercising. Inner cuffs and two cinch cords help seal the cold out.

Carbon fiber bundles are the secret to this jacket’s warmth. The latest technology, these bundles can provide heat with a single touch of button, but are still so thin and lightweight that observers frequently never know this jacket is heated.

For generic information about the different options available in heated vests, please see our web page guide. Heated Vests

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