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PostHeaderIcon K&H Heated Resting Mat for Small Animals

K&H Heated Resting Mat for Small Animals is perfect for ferrets, rabbits, wildlife, hedgehogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs and other animals of this similar size.
This heated resting pad is constructed of rugged ABS plastic for optimal durability, this
makes it ideal for outside structures such as sheds, garages and barns.
It also makes it easy to clean, and makes it weather-proof for outdoor or indoor use.

It features a steel-wrapped cord that helps prevent destruction from teeth and claws.
The internal thermostat keeps the temperature maintained at a constant 100 degrees.
The pad measures 9″x 12″ and has a 5.5′ cord.
It has a hole in each of the four corners of the pad so the pad can be tied or fastened down at the corners to any cage floor.
This pad only requires 25 watts of power to keep the indoor or outdoor pet warm even in extreme conditions.
For indoor or outdoor use. This item is UL listed.

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